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    Base body made of special cast iron with CNC-machined guides. Interchangeable gripping jaws. Flat-milled working surface. Spindles with rolled trapezoid thread for ease of operation even during high axial load.

    Keywords, Drill press, proxxon, 20402

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    Contains sockets from 4mm to 32mm and 16/21mm spark plug sockets, screwdriver bits with square drive for slotted, Phillips, TX (with frontal hole) and Allen sockets and 1.25 - 1.5 - 2.0 - 2.5 and 3mm angled Allen keys. See photo for full contents.

    The ratchet - the key item. Made from CrV steel in one single piece. Hardened and with perfect toothing: several of the 52 teeth engage simultaneously for transmitting extremely high torque. Quick release mechanism: releasing sockets at the push of the button.

    Keywords, 23040, proxxon, socket, ratchets, sets

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  • Brass Stencils

    Durable brass for long-lasting service
    Clean up easily with paint solvent
    Quick, legible signs on all surfaces
    Stencils slide together and come apart easily

    Use brush, spray ink, paint or markers
    Reusable - long lasting

    Keywords, Hanson, stencils, 10009, brass,

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    - Length independent mechanism
    - Push through reversible mechanism
    - Retractable adjustment mechanism avoids accidental adjustment
    - Accurate to ±4%
    - Complies with ISO 6789
    - Supplied in sturdy plastic storage case

    Keywords, Britool, EVT2000, Torque, wrench,

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