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  • Magnetic Drill Machine

    If you wish to use maximum power without having to sacrifice mobility, the ECO.50 with Morse Taper 2 connection is definitely what you need. For years the ECO.50 has been the “benchmark” machine among users.
    At 15% extra capacity the ECO.50 outdistances competitors.

    1 magnetic drilling machine 1 lubrication system
    1 ABS carrying case 1 safety chain/strap
    1 drill guard 1 bottle of cutting oil (200 ml)
    3 handles 1 user manual
    1 hex key 2.5 mm 1 set of safety hearing protection ear plugs
    1 hex key 4 mm 1 pair of safety goggles
    1 hex key 5 mm 1 pair of safety gloves

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