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    The application area of TCT Hole Saws differs from HSS-Bi-Metal Hole Saws. With ALFRA
    TCT Hole Saws, suitable to economically process stainless steel up to 2 mm (5
    unalloyed steels up to 4 mm (3
    /16“), plastics, PVC, aluminium, zinc, gypsum plaster boards
    and lightweight building boards, as well as asbestos. For the use on portable- and pillar
    drilling machines. Do not use automatic feed, when working with pillar drilling machines.
    n High concentric running exactness through solid construction.
    n CAD-optimized cutting angles with specially ground section ensures high cutting
    capacity and long tool life.
    n Quick removal of drilled core through ejector spring for all hole saws up to Ø 150 mm
    (5 29/32“).
    n Carbide tipping enables repeated re-grinding.
    n Exchangeable center pin.
    n As from Ø 31 mm (1 7
    /32“) use of MT tool holders.
    n At thicker materials: cut 2-3 mm (5
    /64“ - 1
    /8“) per cutting process, remove chips afterwards.
    n When cutting metals, a high- grade cutting oil should be used.
    Exception: Do not use cutting oil when using cast iron, use parrafin instead of oil
    when cutting aluminium.

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